Welcome to Take Mikado!





You can find us on Infanterigatan 12 in Östersund, Sweden (Stadsdel Norr).
We offer traditional Japanese dishes on our menu. To visit us requires that you make reservations and we also want you to pre-order your meals from our menu.
We request that you submit your food order at least three days ahead of planned visit,
or for groups of six people or more, ten days beforehand.

Cancellations of single orders will have to be made no later than 12:00 (noon) the very same day.
It is possible to make reservations and submit food orders via e-mail at
info@mikadosweden.com or by phone  at 063-209 08 (from Sweden) or +46 63 20908  (from abroad)  

We are open Friday to Saturday. During the week, the restaurant opens it´s doors at 18:00 (6 pm). 


We also have an Instagram @takemikado

Please tag us in your pictures from your experience at Take Mikado.


Brief history:


Tsukasa Takeuchi´s first contact with Sweden was during a flight when they had to make an emergency landing in Stockholm. He liked the beautiful nature of Sweden and the nice people. He was thinking that he had to come back sometime. And he did, with a dream of starting an own restaurant.


The 15th august in 1987 he started the restaurant Mikado in Grytan, near Brunflo. In 2007 the restaurant burnt to the ground and Mr. Takeuchi decided to rebuild the new facilities in Östersund, after been offered a lot at the former military base camp in Östersund. Now known as Stadsdel Norr. In December 2008 he opened the new restaurant, Take Mikado. Take Mikado means ”The Bamboo Emperor”


Tsukasa Takeuchi is always working alone in the kitchen. He puts down a lot of energy and time on his food. Everything to make a experience that you will have with you for a long time. 


Mr. Takeuchi with staff wish you very welcome!